Where the musical child belongs.

Does your child love to sing, or is constantly attracted to the piano?

Is your child naturally attracted to music, or has been singing for as long as you can remember?

Maybe you have noticed the following about your child.

Your child:

  • sings all over the house
  • is attracted to the piano and loves to mess around on it
  • connects deeply with music
  • feels happiest when involved in music
  • loves listening to music

Are you not sure where to start because you are not a musician yourself, but can see that your child has music abilities? Regal Performing Arts has you covered.

For over 25 years I have been teaching children about my passion in life-music. In my studio, the musical child belongs.

Students who study here will learn how to

  • sing
  • play the piano
  • read music
  • and become proficient in music theory

But most importantly, they will learn how to perform, and share their talents with others, without overwhelm and stage fright.

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Microphone on stage